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2 martie 2021 34

Good morning. I have a good friend in Moldova, who needs to extend his house for his growing family. I have stayed with him a couple of times and know his house and family well. But money is very short for him and I would like to help. One idea was for me to buy a share in his house and land (non-agricultural). This would give him the money to extend his house without having to spend a year abroad working to raise it. We are getting conflicting advice - I am British, living in the UK. Can I buy property in Moldova in this way? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Igor Brinișter
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Dear Stuart,

You have 2 options:
1. your friend can borrow money from you and this contras shall be registered at National Bank of Moldova, because he probably needs more that 10000 euro; or
2. you can buy a house, apartment and/or land (non-agricultural).

There is no restrictions for you as a British citizen... mai detaliat to buy a house, apartment and/or land (non-agricultural).

Best regards,

Igor Brinister
Attorney at law

2 martie 2021