About yAvo

Symbolism. The letter Y is one of the symbols of the internet (yahoo!, yandex, yelp), while Avo is the root of the word avocat (advocate, lawyer).

Functionality. The yAvo platform works in a very simple way. Go to yavo.md and post a legal question. Following moderation, the legal question is published on the portal. The platform assigns the published question a specialization (e.g. civil law, family law). Lawyers registered on the portal who have opted for that specialization will receive a notification regarding the question and will be able to react to the question. Everything is absolutely free. For both the users and the lawyers. On yAvo, one can find answers to certain legal questions, but neither yAvo nor the lawyers contributing their time on the portal provide any legal advice on the yAvo platform. The citizens who require legal assistance in the firm of legal advice, representation in court or other form of representation are free to engage such services outside of the yAvo platform.

Communication. The yAvo platform facilitates the contact with lawyers. The lawyers can be contacted for further collaboration. The profiles and responses of the yAvo lawyers allow users to assess which lawyer may be better suited to its needs.

Evaluation. Lawyers responding on yAvo may receive evaluations from users.

Legal Forms. The yAvo platform offers a selection of template agreements and other legal forms that could be of use in everyday life. New forms will be added to the platform from time to time. The yAvo platform encourages its users to engage lawyers when using the forms and individualizing the model agreements.

Tenders. yAvo tender is a platform allowing direct interaction between buyers and providers of legal services, allowing all participants to the process, as well as spectators, to understand how legal fees are formed and negotiated. Businesses that are looking to purchase a specific legal service can describe the details of such service on the portal, enabling them to receive offers from legal practitioners. All lawyers specializing in selected areas of law shall be notified of the tender by email. Whoever called the tender may choose the most suitable offer. Nobody is required to choose the cheapest offer. The fees matter, but the term of performance, as well as the experience in similar cases are also important.

Continuing Legal Education. The yAvo platform will collect and publish information on various legal training courses organized by the bars and the unions of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, and other professional organizations, chambers of commerce, etc. Lawyers have the obligation of regular self-education, but there is often insufficient information regarding the training offers available in the country. Through this effort, the yAvo platform helps lawyers who care about self-improvement.