How to ask

Users are encouraged to formulate questions that are brief and to the point.

Users are advised to not provide too much detail with regard to sensitive situations or in relation to any imminent or pending litigation so as not to jeopardize the confidentiality of the case. It is important to note that, sometimes, a lawyer acting as opposing counsel in the relevant dispute may read the question on yAvo and thus understand the vulnerabilities related to the dispute.

The yAvo platform may moderate (redact) the users’ questions to make them easier to understand for lawyers.

Lawyers are encouraged to provide relevant, polite and prompt responses. Lawyers’ responses may be evaluated by users. Laconic and personalized responses are preferred to formal template answers.

The yAvo platform does not interfere with the content of responses, does not verify or validate the responses, even where the responses are or may be incomplete or wrong.

The yAvo platform may block or interrupt any use of the yAvo platform for any purposes other than its stated purposes. Any impolite or indecent messages or images, as well as any text or image posts deemed irrelevant, will be removed from the yAvo platform without prior notice.