Terms of use

Version: 1 January 2017

  1. These rules describe the terms of use of the yAvo platform. These rules govern any and all use of the yAvo platform. Any user of the yAvo platform automatically accepts these rules. The yAvo platform can at any time unilaterally amend these rules.
  2. yAvo.md is a platform for communication between lawyers and citizens. The yAvo platform is not a law firm or a legal advisory firm.
  3. The lawyers registered on the yAvo platform are not employees, collaborators, associates or partners of the yAvo platform. They are independent lawyers, who either work in their own offices or firms (as lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, mediators, etc.), or work in organizations that do not provide legal assistance (e.g. in-house lawyers), or are not employed, but possess certain knowledge in the field of law that they wish to share (e.g. law school students, unemployed lawyers, etc.).
  4. Users are encouraged to formulate questions that are brief and to the point. Users are advised to not provide too much detail with regard to sensitive situations or in relation to any imminent or pending litigation so as not to jeopardize the confidentiality of the case. It is important to note that, sometimes, a lawyer acting as opposing counsel in the relevant dispute may read the question on yAvo and thus understand the vulnerabilities related to the dispute. The yAvo platform may moderate (redact) the users’ questions to make them easier to understand for lawyers.
  5. Lawyers are encouraged to provide relevant, polite and prompt responses. Lawyers’ responses may be evaluated by users. Laconic and personalized responses are preferred to formal template answers.
  6. The yAvo platform does not interfere with the content of responses, does not verify or validate the responses, even where the responses are or may be incomplete or wrong.
  7. The yAvo platform shall have no liability towards anyone for the correctness and completeness of the legal answers provided by lawyers on the yAvo platform.
  8. Likewise, the lawyers providing free answers on the yAvo platform shall have no liability towards anyone for the correctness and completeness of their answers.
  9. The free answers provided by lawyers to questions posted by citizens and organizations via the yAvo platform do not constitute legal advice. Legal advice is provided on the basis of legal services agreements entered into outside of the yAvo platform.
  10. The communication on legal matters between a citizen and a lawyer on the yAvo platform does not amount to entry into a legal services agreement between that citizen and that lawyer or between that citizen and yAvo.
  11. Persons seeking legal certainty as to the substance of their legal questions are encouraged to engage an advocate or other legal practitioner and to enter into a legal services agreement with the respective advisor.
  12. Persons undertaking legal actions without having entered into a legal services agreement with an advocate, notary or other legal practitioner authorized to practice the relevant legal profession do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  13. The free legal forms displayed on the yAvo platform can be used by anyone without restrictions. However the yAvo platform and the lawyers who drafted the relevant forms shall have no liability therefor. No guarantee is offered that the free legal forms displayed on the yAvo platform are fit for various specific situations. It is advisable to seek the assistance of an advocate or notary when drafting legal agreements for specific situations.
  14. The yAvo platform allows persons seeking specific legal services to conduct tenders. The person announcing a tender may choose any offer it considers to fit its needs. Nobody is required to choose the cheapest offer. Sometimes the price (fee) is what matters, while in other situations the terms of performance prevails. In yet other cases, the experience in similar situations or other objective or subjective criteria take precedence. No one can claim to be hired only because he/she offered terms that are better than those offered by anyone else. The person announcing a tender is free to engage anybody he/she wants, or to engage nobody.
  15. The yAvo platform may block or interrupt any use of the yAvo platform for any purposes other than its stated purposes. Any impolite or indecent messages or images, as well as any text or image posts deemed irrelevant, will be removed from the yAvo platform without prior notice.
  16. The contact details and other information listed in the lawyers’ profiles on the yAvo platform is information volunteered by lawyers and intended to be publicly available. As a rule, lawyers create more detailed professional profiles to achieve better professional visibility and positioning. The yAvo platform is entitled to retain this data and to use it for the purposes of development and promotion of the yAvo services.
  17. The users of the yAvo platform who ask questions in public can do so under their own name or under a pseudonym, but are requested to leave a valid phone number or email address in order to receive notifications and be contacted, if needed. User contact data is not published on yAvo. The yAvo platform is entitled to retain this data and to use it for the purposes of developing and promoting the yAvo services. Any user may ask yAvo in writing to discontinue retention of his/her contact data or to refrain from using such data for the purposes of development and promotion of the yAvo services.